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Vegas Luxury Car Rental: Why to Avoid Using Turo

If you have rented a car or are planning to rent a car and searching for a Vegas luxury car rental, you might have come across the car-sharing/rental platform, Turo. Many online conversations on social platforms, like Reddit and Quora, you will find people sharing their poor experience of car rental with Turo. Not everyone faces the same but after looking at the massive number of discussions on Quora and Reddit, it seems like Turo doesn’t have a good reputation.

The entry of many local car rental platforms in the market with liberal car rental policies, as well as terms and conditions, make the stringent and restrictive policies of Turo look exaggerated. Not only that, last-minute cancellations hurt people.

In this post, we will try to find out why renting a car from Turo is a bad idea.

Stringent policies

Stringent policies are the first reason why many people think that Turo sucks. There are n number of customers that are denied car rental or deemed as not eligible for renting a car from Turo because of the low auto insurance score. And some people simply changed their mind to rent a car from Turo as it receives auto insurance scores from the credit reporting agency TransUnion.

A user posted on Reddit, “I was in a pinch with my car being serviced and needed to rent a vehicle and decided to rent with Turo for the first time...I was declined renting from Turo because of something called an “Auto insurance score” which they stated is a three-digit number of the likelihood of a driver filing an insurance claim.”

So, for people with low auto insurance scores, Turo is not an option.

Turo’s official website says, “Turo is unable to change, overrule, or disregard a low auto insurance score. Unless we receive a corrected, qualifying auto insurance score from TransUnion, we can’t allow you to book a car on Turo.”

Last-minute cancellations

You rent a car in Vegas well in advance before arriving in Vegas just to find a day before arrival or on the day of arrival that your car rental is canceled and money is refunded. How would you feel? Something similar, shared a user in a forum discussion.

The user posted on GTAMotorcycle forums, “My daughter just went on a trip to Florida, she booked a car with Turo in November for her trip, it was about $500 for the week. On her way to the airport on Friday, Turo sent her a message saying the car rental she paid for was cancelled. They offered her a refund, no assistance finding another car as there were no Turo cars available in the city she was visiting for less than $120USD/day + insurance..

She ended up paying $1000 CAD for 4 days of car rental - busy season - heavy price for a university student.

Turo offered nothing but a refund. Beware, don’t use them, their cancellation policy for buyers is worthless.”

Thus, last-minute cancellation hurts.

Unsatisfactory customer service

A user facing issues with booking a car on Turo had to talk with Turo customer service. The user shared the experience on Reddit, “Ending up calling customer support and spoke to a hard to understand Indian call center, which the operator was not able to explain the reasoning of why I was declined and stuck to a script requesting I send them a picture of my licence to Turo’s support email for some reason. Operator did not provide any other information or a template for this email and after talking to them.”

Thus, now you can figure out why people say Turo sucks.

If you are also denied by Turo, there are many other Vegas luxury car rental services that allow you to rent a luxury car in Vegas. Here are some of the best options:

  1. Sixt

  2. MLux

  3. Kayak

  4. Budget

  5. Avis

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