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Things You Should Know Before Renting a Car

Renting a car at an airport and driving to your location is a common way of commuting within a city when you are on a business trip or visiting the city to explore the tourist attractions. But do you know that not all car renters pay the same price? Not just that, some get their hands on really good cars in pristine condition, while some end up renting luxury cars in Los Angeles that just do not feel at all like a luxury car.

You do not end up making the same mistakes that most people do; we have discussed the four things you should know before renting a car. Have a brief look at them.

1. Do not rent a car at the airport

Just keep in mind that you should not rent a car at the airport unless you don’t have any choice. The car rentals available at the airport are costly because they have to cover additional costs such as tacked-on fees, facility charges and so on. There is no point in paying a few hundred dollars extra for a car rental when you have the option to rent a car from a car rental company outside the airport. Do not worry about the pickup; most car rental companies offer delivery to the airport so that when you arrive, your car is ready at your location.

2. Negotiate the rates

Do you know that car rental companies charge higher rates to clients who are under 28 years old? If you are below that age, you can expect to pay the extra daily rental fee of 30% than usual. Here your art of negotiation comes into play. Car rental companies consider young drivers as high-risk individuals. If you have a good driving history, you can convince your car rental company to offer 10-15% discounts on your car bookings.

3. Buy a third-party insurance

You need auto insurance to rent a car that protects you from legal and financial liabilities and covers the cost of damage. In most cases, your existing auto insurance policy is good enough to provide you coverage, but if you are planning to rent a luxury car or your existing auto insurance policy does not have extensive coverage, you need to buy additional auto insurance. Avoid purchasing an at-the-counter insurance policy. Third-party insurance policies are often cheaper and provide better coverage than at-the-counter policies.

4. Comparison is a good idea

The comparison may not be a good idea in life, but it is definitely a good idea when renting a car. Get quotes from two to three exotic car rental companies in Los Angeles. Carefully check what is included in the car rental, compare all the options, and make a choice that offers you the best value.

Hope these key suggestions will help you find a good car rental at the best price.

If you are looking to rent a luxury car in LA, you can check out our premium fleet of luxury cars available at MLux Life. We also offer free delivery to the airport.

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