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Things to Visit in LA While Driving an Exotic Car

You paid more than $1,000 for your exotic car rental in LA but you did not explore the most lavish and hottest places in the city. How would it feel? Obviously, disappointing! That’s why luxury car lovers rent from us at MLuxLife; we politely recommend the places you must visit. We have mentioned the four places in this post that you should visit while driving an exotic car.

1. Sunset Strip (Sunset Boulevard)

The Sunset Strip is a 1.5km stretch of Sunset Boulevard. This is one of the most popular and vibrant nightlife spots in LA. This short stretch of road has the best bars, strip clubs, tattoo shops, music venues, dining places and luxurious hotels. It passes through the city of West Hollywood. You will find the best concentration of youth here in the bars and clubs. The vibes of this stretch are just unmatchable. Driving a luxury car on this stretch is definitely worth it.

2. Rodeo Drive

If you crave luxury, we do not think there is any place better than Rodeo Drive. It is an unparalleled combination of luxury, fashion and entertainment. Many popular traveling experts and luxury designers agree that this is one of the world’s most exclusive luxury destinations. This 2-mile street in Beverly Hills has more than 100 world-renowned stores. It is very common to find your favorite Hollywood stars shopping on the streets of Rodeo Drive. We recommend you dedicate some time to window-shop on Rodeo Drive for a taste of stardom.

3. Malibu (Zuma Beach)

Malibu has a good reputation for excessive wealth. When you roam this beach city located in Western Los Angeles, you will find luxury celebrity beach houses with beautiful exotic cars parked in driveways is common. The whole city is an amazing combination of luxury, natural beauty and exceptional hospitality. Zuma beach is the most popular attraction in the city and is the finest beach in the Los Angeles area.

4. Venice Beach

We will not say that this place is amongst the most luxurious places, but it does get plenty of tourism. Located in the neighborhood of Los Angeles, Venice Beach, known for its Bohemian spirit, is the busiest facility operated by the Department of Recreation and Parks. Approximately 28,000 to 30,000 people visit Venice Beach Boardwalk on a daily basis. It is a great idea to drive to this beach in your luxury car for great fun.

These are our four best picks to explore while driving in an exotic car in LA.Experience the true luxury of Los Angeles in style.

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