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The Process of Renting a Luxury Car in LA

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

People rent luxury cars for various reasons. Some want a luxury car for a special occasion, some want to explore their travel destination in style, some need a car for a long road trip, and some just want to flaunt luxury on the city roads. No matter why you need a luxury car, the process of luxury car rental in Los Angeles follows a basic standard process: you will be asked to validate your driving skills, there will be a background check on your address, insurance obligations will need to be fulfilled, followed by paying a deposit, picking up your car, returning it to the car rental company, and the final paperwork.

It is not a difficult process but as luxury car rental is not a mainstream service, people usually don’t have much knowledge about the process.

In today’s post, we will just explain how luxury car rental in Los Angeles works.

Part 1. Getting Verified

The process of renting a car starts with validating your license and insurance. Most asks for documents to validate your age, driving skills, residence address and insurance coverage. These are a few key documents that any luxury car rental company in Los Angeles will need. Once you submit the documents, they will validate the documents and may run a basic background check of your driving history.

We make things quicker. A driver license and bank statement is enough to get you approved with us.

Part 2. Checking insurance

This is one of the most confusing parts of car rental. Some need to buy car rental insurance, some can get away with their existing car insurance policy and for some, a credit card may provide an insurance policy.

We take care of this process. Just text us your exiting policy and we can get you checked in minutes. If you happen to need insurance, we can provide that.

Security deposits ?

The amount of deposit varies for your deductible. High-risk individuals may need to make a higher deposit up to $5000, whereas low-risk individuals can get away with deposits as low as $500 for luxury or an exotic car rental. An individual’s insurance value and a deductible amount also play a key role in determining the value of deposits.

Best Part: Pick up / Delivery

Once you're verified, you are all set to pick up your luxury car from the luxury car rental in Los Angeles. We're located in the heart of LA, but we strive for luxury, therefore we offer free delivery on certain exotic car rentals (contact us for more information.)

Return and final paperwork

We're here to make things simple for you. The return is quick and the refund of your deposit happens within the hour. In the event damage occurs, we will work together with you and your insurance to make sure things are resolved.

Need a ride back to your hotel? We got you! Ask our one of our reps for shuttle drop off services we offer.


So, this is the basic standard process of luxury car rental in Los Angeles. However, there are many other unanswered questions about luxury car rentals that are not discussed in this post, such as, What if there is an accident in the luxury car? What is a one-way trip? Is there any way to book a luxury car without a credit or debit card? You can get all these queries answered by contacting our MLux Life luxury car rental experts in Los Angeles.

At MLux Life, we are proud to have one of the most luxurious, upgraded and top branded fleet of luxury cars, from Lamborghinis to Mercedes and Audi to Rolls Royce, plus more. What sets us apart from other service providers is that we strive to make luxury car rental easy in Los Angeles with our exceptional services. Contact us for more information.

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