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Most Common Body Styles of Luxury Cars

The very first thing people notice of a luxury car is its body shape. Indeed, it is the most attractive aspect. Hundreds of different car models and many types of car shapes are available in the market. People try to categorize all the basic car shapes differently. Some divide cars into 21 types; some say there are basic 9 body styles of cars, and some have their own vague ideas.

We are not going into that; instead, discussing the most common styles of luxury cars that you will find across the most luxury car rentals in LA and across the United States.

1. Sedan

Sedan is the most common car shape that comes with four doors and a traditional trunk. This type of car is available in a range of sizes varying from small, compact, mid-size to full-size. Top luxury car brands have a range of sedans in their fleets, but they often try to associate them with coupes that look more luxurious.

2. Coupe

A coupe is traditionally a two-door car with a trunk and a solid roof. The major difference between a sedan and a coupe is off the doors. Coupe usually has two doors, but nowadays, OEMs start recognizing four doors cars with low and sleek rooflines as a coupe. But you can still refer to a two-door luxury car as a coupe. We, Mlux Life, have a range of cars to rent on our website. We have Mercedes Benz S Coupe, Rolls Royce Wraith, Lexus LC 500, and various other great coupes to rent.

3. Sports Car

Sports cars are the cool coupes and/or convertibles that are dramatically designed. The key features of sports cars are that they are low to the ground, come with dramatically designed exteriors, and the appearance of high-end exotic dream cars.

4. Convertible

Convertibles are the hottest luxury cars in the market that come with a fully powered roof that folds down. A convertible car differentiates from a regular car in the fact that it has a roof that retracts into the body, leaving the passenger cabin open.

5. SUV

SUV we all know stands for a sports utility vehicle. It is the crossover whose purpose is to offer the power of a sports car and functionally of a utility vehicle. SUVs have taller and boxier designs with more ground clearance than regular cars. Rent a Lamborghini Urus in LA that falls under the category of SUV from MLux Life at the best price.

So these are the common body styles of luxury cars.

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