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How to Drive an Exotic Car No Credit?

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

It's everyones dream to get their own exotic car, but there's one problem. You need to have credit or lots of cash to get into one. So what options do you have when it comes to driving the car of your dreams on a regular basis?

Rent an Exotic

Stick with me here. What if you were to work out a deal with a rental agency where you can get an exotic over the weekend in exchange for frequent bookings and referrals? We have worked deals where clients pay 4k monthly for the car of their dreams with a 60,000$ downpayment.

Work with a 3rd Party Lease Agency

There are numerous lease agencies around willing to fund your dreams. No credit required, just lots of cash. A 40,000$ down payment can put you in a 2015 Lamborghini Hurricane Spider or Ferrari 458 GBT.

No Cash at Hand?

Contact one of our representatives to discuss rental payment options. You can still rent and drive the car of your dreams and pay us later. Find out how.

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